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The Gentle Giant -

My D'Artagnon, The gentle giant. while I often refer to him as having the disposition of a daddy lion. He smells and scans his area for anything unusual. He marks his area to let any potential predators/invaders know the big man is present and on watch. If you have ill intent, best to move along or walk around. He will jump into herding but leaves the running around to the others. He likes to be smart about it, and cut the route off. He prefers to lay around and snooze all day. He will chew food to feed to a pup or starving week adult. He will lay alongside the most vulnerable. Offers love and support for someone who is upset. Stand under me or any child climbing on something that he deems as dangerous or too high. He has a sense of humor often teases others with toys and food. Although he is in his senior years he commands respect the moment he enters a room. He is the epitome of a Bergamasco.

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