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A note about Silver Pastori Bergamascos

Donna and Stephen are one of the leading experts for Bergamascos with over 20 years of experience, including the wonderful opportunity to work first hand with Dr. Maria Andreoli.

"Donna without ever realizing it, was being given Pupas Bergamasco Genetic Pool and information that was developed during 45 years of living, loving and breathing the experiences of the Bergamasco Sheep Dog. This is the way Donna became responsible for the Bergamasco Dell Albert Bloodlines in the USA and perhaps, just perhaps as of now, we have the most documented and diverse genetic pool of Bergamasco Sheepdog Information in the world.

Once again, none of this would be remotely possible without Dr. Marie Andreoli’s direction and whom spent an eternity for the love of the breed."  For more information:  Bergamasco Beginnings

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Please view the Internationl Bergamsco Sheepdog Club.

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