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Dog, Bergamasco, Sheepdog, Rare Dog, Dog Breeder
Dog, Bergamasco, Sheepdog, Breeder, Rare dog breed
Bergamasco in fall leaves, rare dog in leaves, hyperallergenic dog,

Pronounced /dar TAN yun/

Our very first Bergamasco,  and yes he is indeed the "fourth musketeer." D'Artagnon prefers to lay outside and watch over the neighborhood.  When groups of children are playing, he likes to be near them and will alert with a loud bark to anything he deems as dangerous.  His disposition and family role are everything and beyond what we expected from reading all the breed information and research.   Thanks to him, we fell in love with the Bergamasco.

Alpine's D'Artagnon Dell'Albera

Bergamasco, Sheepdog, Hyperallergic
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